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What is Pop?

Pop makes fun, makes mischief, makes you think, makes you smile. Pop is you, Pop is us, Pop is Aucklanders having fun.

When is Pop?

Pop is happening from 1 April - 31 May 2017 all around Auckland. Keep an eye and an ear out.

Who is Pop for?

Pop is for Aucklanders.

Who created Pop?

Pop is designed by Alt Group and is proudly supported by Auckland Council and the Waitematā Local Board to generate creativity, fun, and new experiences in Auckland.

Is Pop free?

Free as the birds and bees.

Is Pop art?


OK, explain.

Pop is an annual series of temporary art projects in public spaces, made for and by Aucklanders. Pop projects bring creativity and surprise to people in everyday places in Auckland.

Is Waitematā Local Board a supporter of Pop?

Waitematā Local Board supports and encourages creative experiences made by Aucklanders, and has generously funded Pop.

Is Pop always outside?

Pop can happen anywhere. Sometimes a roof can be a tree canopy.

How do I hear about future Pop events and projects?

Stay in the loop on Facebook and Instagram.

How do I participate?

You could burst into song. Take in the words. Pick up a bat and play ping-pong. You might find that Pop finds you when you least expect it. If you enjoy Pop and want to share it online, you can use the hashtag #popakl

Can information from this website be shared online?

Pop encourages you to spread the word. All we ask is that you credit Pop when sharing any Pop project.