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The Park is an intruiging artwork anchored by six beehives in Victoria Park. It has been initiated, designed and planted by Auckland based artists Sarah Smuts-Kennedy and Taarati Taiaroa and is activated through public participation.

To find out how you can become part of the project visit to help make The Park!

The artists will be running a series of creative workshops in conjunction with their project. Click for details.

For more information about the beehives and working with bees click here.


Auckland based artists Taarati Taiaroa and Sarah Smuts-Kennedy have come together for this collaboration due to a shared interest in public space, social sculpture, and environmental histories. Sarah Smuts-Kennedy gained an MFA from Elam in 2012 with first class honours. She has an intensely analytical practice and is driven to find out how things work, from life cycles of plants to the machinations of politics. Taarati Taiaroa gained an MFA from Elam in 2011 and is currently completing her MA regarding Maori art exhibitions. She has a research-based practice that often utilises archives to investigate and expose small narratives.